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Jared in Sunglasses by hsr62
by hsr62

I really like your technique and the way you shade. My advice to you would to be too get a good variation on the shading. For example o...


27 deviations
Out of my trombone creeps sadness and fear,
Dark and Dismal,
Plaguing your ears.

Out of my trombone jumps happiness and joy, 
Light and cheerful,
Playful like a child's toy.

Out of my trombone slithers mystery,
Yet revealing as a dark history.

In through my trombone I push emotion,
Twisting and turning,
As inconsistent as the ocean.

In through my trombone I push my soul,
Total and diverted,
Worth more than coal.

Into my music I pour my feelings,
Delicate and reserved,
With many hidden meanings.

In my music you can hear my thoughts,
Speaking without words,
Banging together like pots.

Through my trombone you can feel the air,
Calming and relaxing,
Yet stopping your heart even though nothing visible is there.

Previously:  Sam and Dean had left you alone in the bunker while they went out on a simple salt and burn, when two intruders, Ralph and Alfie, smash a window and enter what they think is a deserted bunker and interrupt your bubble bath.


What’s your name, Toots?” Ralph asked as he tightened the rope around your waist once more in order to keep your robe from falling down.

“As if I would tell you.”  You snap as you struggle to get your hands free from Alfie’s grip.

“Stop struggling, Sweetheart, and tell us your name.” Ralph sneered through a grisly mustache and yellowed teeth.

“Don’t scare the girl, Ralph. She could be of use to us..” Alfie muttered as his eyes flash black.

Did they really have the audacity to think that you, a hunter, would help pathetic little demons like them?

“You didn’t come here for antiques and valuables, did you?” Stating the obvious, you almost laugh. You knew what they were here for. You knew what they wanted, and why they came at this time that you were most vulnerable.  You knew their motive.

They Laughed, but not only did they laugh, they mocked you.

“You didn’t come here for antiques and valuables, did you?” Ralph mocked and hissed each word.

“Real mature, Ralphy.” You rolled your eyes as they tied you to a chair

Ralph slapped your face with rage.

“DON’T SASS ME GIRL.”  He screamed through yellow teeth and black eyes. Alfie stepped back aghast.

“Don’t hurt her, Ralph. The boss needs her.” Alfie’s voice was scared and childlike as he cowered away from the monster that Ralph was growing into.

Alf..” Ralph growled as he turned around slowly, standing up like a werewolf in mid transformation.

“YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO TELL OUR SECRETS.”  He was starting to really look like a monster, which, Unfortunately for him was your specialty.

*Great* You thought to yourself, *Now that he’s turned his attention to sweet Alfie, I can get out.*

“Ralph.. Buddy.. You need to calm down, The boss won’t mind if young (y/n) here knows our plan to get her to give us Dean Winchester”

“Alf, you just…” He sighs, “said it right in front of-”

He looks around but you’re already gone


You had slipped away while they were talking/yelling at each other. The ropes, of course, weren’t strong enough. So you quickly ran to your room and grabbed your “Emergency Dental Floss Intruder Plan” Or Edfip, For short. The boys always made fun of you for this, but you always just laughed it off and said “ Better safe than sorry. “

Who’s laughing now, boys.

You ran upstairs and started acting like James Bond in one of those secrety spy movies, stringing floss from one banister to the other and up and under the chandelier. As soon as you were satisfied with your dental-floss spiderweb. You slid down the railing, taking Alfie and Ralph by surprise.

“So.. You guys want Dean Winchester?” You said menacingly, tossing the floss packet and catching it with each step, trying not to step on your robe.

They started to step back, only to get caught in your minty trap.

“The more you struggle, boys, the more you’ll get entangled.” You laughed, psychotically, while climbing the stairs to finish your bath, but before you could reach the top you looked back.

“How in the hell did you boys get your teeth caught in the floss?”

Ralph mumbled.

“Oh, I’m sorry? Did you say something?” You chuckled.

“I said, because you’re a crazy psycho bitch. I can see why Crowley likes you so much.” He tried to laugh, but the Holy Water you soaked the floss in, burned his gums.

You turned around angrily.

I’M The crazy psycho bitch? You’re the ones who broke into my home, interrupted my bath, tied me up and tried to get me to give my best friends to the fucking King of Hell. Like seriously? Do you not knock?!”  You started back up the stairs, but heard a soft mumble or a groan, or something else incoherent that wasn’t words.

“What was that?”

“Please dont’ leave us here”  Oh Alfie, even if you’re not an angel, you’re still adorable.

“Sorry Alf, I’m going to finish my bath and leave you for the boys.”

Groans came from both of them.

~Half an hour later~

You were drying off from you bath and putting on your pajamas, getting ready to watch Netflix, when you heard a loud thump from downstairs where you left Alfie and Ralph.

“Y/N”  A gruff Dean-like voice yelled.

You groaned and threw your hair up into a messy bun.

“what.” You sighed as you stepped out onto the balcony.

“EXPLAIN.” Dean made the “what the frick man” gesture.

“Well, It’s like this, Dean-o” You slid down the railing and jumped in front of them.

“These two knuckle-heads broke in and interrupted my bath, they claim to be on a mission from The King Douche-nozzle himself.”

“I didn’t mean that, Y/n, I meant all the mint rope. We ran into Crowley a while back, and he told us he sent a couple of his minions out for us.” He scratched his head as he looked around.


“What?” Dean made the confusion eyebrows.

“Edfip” Sam repeated after you. “It’s her Emergency Dental Floss Intruder Plan. I helped her design it for kicks and giggles a while back. I never actually thought that it would work.” He laughed

“Never underestimate the power of a wet, naked woman.” Their faces went red and you laughed your ass off.

“Well, Night Boys.”

“Night y/n”

Alfie and Ralph groaned in unison

“Crowley will pick you up tomorrow. Don’t disturb y/n’s sleep, she’s pretty cranky without her 4 hours.” Sam whispered through laughs.

Emergency Dental Floss. Pt 2. SpnxReader.
Emergency Dental Floss Part 2! Sorry For the long wait, couldn't get out of a block I had
Part 1:




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